Captain S (psychopyro) wrote in little_details,
Captain S

purpose of a double collar

Using this photo as a reference (or even Vash's style of coat and similar costumes for the more anime savvy among us), I have a couple questions pertaining to this particular style of coat-

First, it's referred to on the site I found it on as just a "highwayman coat." This doesn't sound like it'd be accurate, but I'm not sure-- what were these styles of jackets called in their period? Dusters? Surely highwaymen weren't the only people who wore them.

Secondly, the high double collar- Is there an actual term for that piece (or for that matter, any kind of thick, high collar that sits up high like that). I'm assuming that whole shoulder mantle + collar piece was removable, but I can't find anything that explains what purpose it served. Am I right in thinking weather?

Basically, anyone who's fashion history savvy, tell me all about that jacket (preferably from the first photo, not the Vash reference).

All I can find are modern "double collared" shirts on google, which is pretty far from what I'm thinking of.
Tags: ~clothing

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