Rackham Rose (rackhamrose) wrote in little_details,
Rackham Rose

Planes, dogfighting, and reference questions

So I have a story set in 1937, and a hero who flies an early Hawker Hurricane. (I've seen enough evidence that they were around as early as '35 to be confident I can fudge the history a little without murdering it.)

Since I'm not by any means an expert on flight and this thing requires a couple of dogfight scenes, here's basically what I need to know:

* I've got a book on Allied biplane aces of WWI, and in several cases it mentions a pilot's guns getting jammed. Could this have happened in a 1930s plane? If so, what would make it happen and how could it be fixed--i.e., would it require landing and poking around in the guns to solve the problem or could you un-jam them in the air somehow without killing yourself?

* Are there any good accounts--fictional or nonfictional--of how the Hurricane handled in the air and what it felt like to maneuver?

* Finally, and I know it's a little unorthodox for this community... I need some recommendations for movies with good aerial fighting sequences. It's really hard for me to choreograph action without knowing what it looks like (I'm one of those visual learner types). I'd prefer the movies be set during or before WWII, just so that my visual references resemble the kind of plane I'm writing about, but I'm flexible. I've already been told Top Gun and Hell's Angels may be useful, but beyond that I haven't a clue.

Thanks in advance.
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