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Names of insurance forms or policies in the UK

Setting: present day, UK
Googled terms: insurance, UK, policies, forms, Great Britain in various combinations... all rather fruitless.

Unfortunately my google-fu is failing me on this one since it's rather specific about what I want (yet having no clue whatsoever on the subject...), so I'm going to need someone who's well-versed in insurance business in the UK. I have a character (A) posing as an insurance agent in the UK. Another character (B) wants to expose him as a fraud, so he's trying to ask him a series of very specific insurance related questions (he's not an expert though). I want B to surprise A by showing off extensive knowledge to the point of knowing the name of the forms that need to be filed and correcting him on a mistake he made. Thing is, like I said, I know squat about insurance, so is that even possible?

If we were talking about insuring a building for example, what kind of policies would be we talking about, what mistakes could be made to apply to the conversation about? Like B could say "I'm looking into insuring building so-and-so. Do you suggest I get XX policy, or would YY policy fit my needs better?" And then A could reply after a dramatic pause, "Actually, if you file YY you wouldn't be covering aspect D and E, also you're thinking in US terms now and here in the UK different policies apply." I'm really fishing in the dark here. I'm open for other examples that work better too. It could be health insurance for employees, too, special risks, insurance against unusual damage, personal injuries... car too. Any help is welcome!

So, are there any British insurance agents present who can give me a pointer? If you just tell me how I can improve my Google search and what to look for I think I could be helped and then I'd probably be able to match the info off against the US equivalent to make my joke work. I just need a little jump start to set me off. Thanks!

Edit: The insurance would be related to work, not domestic. The building could technically be municipal, although I'm not exactly sure.

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