blueraven64 (blueraven64) wrote in little_details,

Firing guns upside down and Looking Dramatic

Time: Modern day
Setting: America (happy fun land!)

Is it even remotely possible to do this:

Without breaking an arm, setting your hair on fire or otherwise Doing Bad Things to Yourself or should I just leave this particular stunt in the world of anime physics?

The character attempting this isn't really trying to hit anything; she's more interested in the intimidation value of "I HAEV A GUN AND I CAN SHOOT IT UPSIDE DOWN".

She also has a rifle instead of an outrageously huge handgun and is holding onto it with both hands, if this changes the general plausibility.

ETA: I've googled "firing guns upside down" and gotten that it won't jam an automatic and makes them awkward to handle, but not "firing them over the shoulder and not hurting yourself".
Tags: ~weapons: firearms

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