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Menstruation in Space

Search Terms Used: "women in space" "menstruation in space" "fertility in space" and various combinations with and without quotes

I'm looking for information or studies involved with how women menstruate in space. Mostly what I've found is that women prefer to use birth control pills to stop their periods while in space, due to them not wanting to deal with such hygiene in zero gravity. The Canadian Space Association did have the question, "Do Women Menstruate in Space" in their FAQ, saying that yes they did menstruate normally, but didn't give much information beyond that.

I have always thought that the moon had a lot to do with menstruation (28 days in a moon cycle, 28 days in a menstrual cycle, coincidence? I think not!), so I was wondering if anyone has done any studies regarding changes in the menstrual cycle when a woman is in space for a long period of time. I found a lot of websites with lists of female astronauts and how long they'd been in space, but no mention of how their cycles were affected (if at all).

I mainly wish someone had given birth in space, there would probably be more answers if and when that happens! But until then, I'd like to try and form a theory from the information available.

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Tags: ~medicine: reproduction

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