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common addictive medications used in small cell lung cancer pallative care in America

I'm working on a story where the MC's father is dying of terminal small cell lung cancer. I originally had researched and chosen Oxycontin as the drug the MC steals from her dying father, but oxycodone only increases the risk of respiratory depression in patients with lung problems, so I've read.

So, I need a drug that:
-can be abused and is pretty addictive
-is used in pallative care to ease pain associated with cancer
-won't aggravate the symptoms of the father's small cell lung cancer (ie: respiratory depression increasing the risk for arrest)
-could be administered by a hospice nurse

Also, if you're feeling up to it:
-how would said drug make one feel? I can look up side effects until the cows come home, but I have no idea what taking them would actually feel like. If you or a friend have taken a drug that fits the above description and feel like sharing your physical and emotional sensations, please do. However, I don't mean withdrawl symptoms. How does the drug make one feel while underneath it's influence? Preferably when used without being monitored by a doctor.
-Is the respiratory warning that big of a risk in pallative care? I was considering either morphine or codeine as alternative choices, but I know that morphine has the same respiratory warning as Oxycontin. Is the respiratory depression only a concern when death isn't inevitable?

Thanks in advance. You're fantastic, really.

EDIT: Sorry about forgetting to mention these things. This takes place in America. I've searched through wikipedia and google for things concerning lung cancer treatments, side effects, addiction and both generic and specific drug names.

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