Devil-Worshipping Puppy-Kicking Atheist Socialist (goldencountry) wrote in little_details,
Devil-Worshipping Puppy-Kicking Atheist Socialist

Rosaries and Young Catholics in Poland

Setting: Modern Poland

I'm doing a rewrite on an RP character of mine. The RP itself takes place in Britain, but the character is a recent emigre from Poland. He's about 15 and to contrast his cousin, a hyper-intellectual cynic and atheist, he's a devout Catholic and rather interested in the histories and rituals of the church. I have a vague notion about giving him an heirloom rosary that will have some sort of personal meaning to him, and herein lies the question. What would he do with it on a daily basis? Would it be sacreligious (or just plain weird) for him to wear it around his neck? Carry it in his pocket? When would be a reasonable time for him to say his rosary? Would it be more likely he'd say it in Polish or Latin, given that he speaks fluent Polish and only the Latin he's picked up from hobbyist study of church texts?

P.S. Thanks to everyone who answered about my 1920s story, your insights were great. :)
Tags: poland (misc), ~religion: christianity: catholicism

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