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Below street-level buildings, Toronto

A year or so ago one my friends and myself wrote a story, which we're currently revising. Or, rather, planning to revise. This story is set in present times, and most likely in Toronto. My question is to do with the building in which a lot of the action takes place- a hotel. In my hometown of Edinburgh, many buildings have below street-level areas that you can see from outside- they're usually fenced off with the pavement running parallel, and there's sometimes a gate half way along the fence with stairs running down to a door into the lower-level area.

Hopefully that made sense.

Anyway, I'm wondering if there are buildings in Toronto similar to this, and if so, in what areas of the city would they be situated? In Edinburgh they're all primarily located around the same area- would this be the case there? (Areas are good for another reason: I'm visiting Toronto this summer and if there are areas I could visit it'd be great!)

Ideally, I'd like the hotel to have a below-ground level bar area that could be accessed without having to go through the main building, or even just a second way into the hotel that could be used for transporting stuff and the like.

In case my description wasn't clear, this picture kind of shows what I mean:

Google searches included "below ground-level buildings Toronto" and various variations, although I think this question is probably one which I need actual help from someone living there. :)

Edit: Thanks guys! This PATH network could probably work for what I was thinking, so yes- thanks a bunch!
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