Jackie (fabulousfrock) wrote in little_details,

Floor plans for 19th century manor houses

Hello! I'm working on a book set on an alternate world kinda-sorta like, at least for the purposes of this question, Victorian England. Like Jane Eyre or Rebecca, much of the plot revolves around the hidden secrets within this big manor house, so I'd like the the house to be clearly defined in my head. I own a few books with floor plans for Victorian middle-class homes, but I'd like sources for 19th century manor house floor plans, including what each room was used for. This house needs to be big so, um, stuff can be hidden in it. I've tried to just draw up my own but I always run out of room for stairs and such...

If anyone could direct me to websites or suggest books, I'd greatly appreciate it! The closest thing I've found so far is this floor plan of the Vanderbilt mansion, but it's not really quite what I'm envisioning, although it's a start.

Google terms I tried: floor plans manor house, 19th century manor, 19th century manor floor plan, regency manor, victorian manor floor plan
Tags: ~architecture
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