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Devil-Worshipping Puppy-Kicking Atheist Socialist

Social Class of Professions

Setting: Detroit, 1928

I grew up in the Detroit area, and have a fondness for the city still. A few weeks ago, a plot bunny bit me, telling me to write a supernatural mystery set in 1920s Detroit. Unfortunately for me, I'm currently at school in Kalamazoo, and am about to move away for about nine months, so I can't just skip down to the Detroit Public Library and see what sort of records they have. Therefore, I turn to you, good people of little_details.

I have four characters pretty solidly formed in my head, and I have a pretty good grasp of the social class of two. However, the others? No bloody clue. What standard of living would these characters be expected to have?

Character #1: A young newspaper reporter for the Detroit News who wants nothing more than to be on the crime beat, but keeps getting "fluff stories" about the arts. His father is a furrier, and their family has been around the US so long that their immigration status doesn't really matter.

Character #2: A young Catholic priest, and the most junior in St. Florian's parish in Hamtramck (a suburb adjacent to the city, populated mainly by Polish immigrants). He is a first-generation Polish-American.

Search terms used: standard of living 1928 Detroit, reporter salary 1928 Detroit, priest salary 1928 Detroit, priest 1928 Detroit

As an aside, does anyone have tips on researching a historical project from afar?

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