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Bands on tour

Good day, O Detailed ones.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m writing about three not very wealthy punk/underground bands (headlining band American, supporting bands English) on tour in Europe in January 1976. The headlining band is well-known on the underground scenes in Europe and the US, but the supporting bands are known only in their home town of London.  As I’m struggling to write about the tour, I’m realizing that there are many things I don’t know. I'm not sure how to search for this stuff, seeing as most information online seems to be for modern-day bands (which makes sense) and things were VERY different back in 1976. 


1) Other helpful people here have told me that the band and gear would get to Amsterdam from England and back by boat. Unfortunately, it's pretty essential to my plot that they fly from Birmingham to Amsterdam.  Is this completely ridiculous and unrealistic, or could I get away with it?

2) How would they get from Vienna to Goteborg, Sweden--ferry and bus, bus only, plane and bus, plane only?

3) And how would they get from Oslo, Norway, to Strasbourg, France?

4) People have told me the band would probably bus everywhere, so I changed all my plane rides to bus rides. But now I have them taking a bus from Rome to Barcelona. That would be a VERY LONG bus ride. Would they still do it, though?


5) From where would the bulk of the money for the tour come? (The headlining band is signed; the supporting bands are not.)

6) When and how would they get paid for the gig? (before, after, in person, by mail, check, cash?)

7) I know the amount they get paid would probably vary tremendously, but what might an average night's collection be?

8) Would the headlining band be paid more than the supporting bands?


9) What would be the musical equipment (not including instruments) that these bands would bring on the road?  Would they share one PA systems?  Or would the venues already have that?

10) After playing a gig, what’s a realistic routine for band and crew? Is it realistic for right after the gig everyone to go the hotel and crash, get up late the next morning, pack up the gear, and set off for the next city?  Or would they pack up immediately after the gig?

11) What's a rough idea of the sort of crew these three bands might have? Right now I have two or three roadies per band and each band's manager.

12) Of the following cities, are there any that these "revolutionary" bands would definitely NOT play?


Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Vienna, Oslo, Stockholm, Lund, Goteborg, Paris, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Lyon, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Barcelona, and Madrid.

Phew! I don't know what I did before Little Details came along...if any of you have any random thoughts about touring that you think I should know, I'm always open to advice, facts, suggestions, etc.

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