Wind Crystal (ajora) wrote in little_details,
Wind Crystal

Modern Russian school questions

Hello, I have a friend with a few questions that I couldn't answer, so I'm posting for her here.

Setting: Present day Moscow. Any neighborhood will do, but her family has never been rich or completely destitute.
Character: 17-year old girl
Question 1: When do students graduate from secondary school. As in, what month?
Question 2: Are there any notable, culturally distinct rites of passage or rituals she should know?
Searches: Wiki and Google; keywords: russian school moscow graduation, russian "rites of passage." Wiki gave us a basic idea of the educational system, but not when secondary school students graduate. We're looking for months and maybe a general idea of a day.

For the second question, we'd like to see personal accounts too if it's possible.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: russia: education

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