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only to you would i reveal my tears.

Ordering Wine at a Restaurant..

Hi.. I would just like help in being reminded of the usual process once you have ordered wine in a restaurant.. an Italian restaurant, modern day, either in the US or the UK.

I have google searched for combinations similar to "ordering wine at a restaurant", and have only found "how to order", basically how to make sense of the wine list, and a breif explanation of tastes of wine.. Searches involving the words "wine" "waiter" etc. only said to get recommendations of wines from the wine waiter.. I couldn't find anything about the waiter, only basic instructions for the taster to swirl it around in the glass & sip it.

I'm only unsure of how the waiter acts once you have selected the wine from the wine menu. Say the waiter returns with the wine you ordered.. and in fact.. you have already been drinking that type of wine, so he is just bringing another of the same, but you must still test it to see if the bottle is corked. So the waiter brings the wine to the table.. does he uncork it infront of you? Or does he bring the uncorked bottle to the table? What does he usually say, "Would you like to taste the..."? Or something similar?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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