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Two Suns?

Dear lord why can't i find anything useful?

alternate world fantasy setting

Working on a story idea with a planet that had three moons.  Its place in the universe is obviously unstable with all that its gone through in the course of back story and so forth.

I have this idea that the system the planet is a part of would have two suns, current thinking is that one sun and its orbiting planet would orbit the other sun.

My first question is if it is even possible. from what i've found the very center star would have to be far enough away so as not to disrupt gravitational fields of the sun or the planets or their wouldn't be an orbit. for any of them

Second: How would i go about figuring out how long each part of a planet would be dark, if at all?  My thinking is that the summer seasons would have no night at all and that there would be a good portion of the year where the entire planet was in summer season.  I know I would also have to account for black spots due to the moons.

Any links or speculation is appreciated, and I'm sorry if this question would belong elsewhere, but i'm driving myself crazy with the technicalities of this.
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