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Intrahospital racism?: Hapa/Vietnamese

My story is set in 1996 in a southern CA county hospital, with the main character (an intern doctor) being hapa (mixed Chinese-American and white), a lot of the nurses being native-born Vietnamese.

My question: Would the nurses give her a hard time because she's mixed, or Chinese? What might she think about them? I have no idea what the interaction would be. This character is third generation American.

Looked up: (google) racial tension chinese vietnamese, racism chinese vietnamese, racial epithets, medical racism chinese vietnamese, chinese vietnamese "medical staff", vietnamese nurses
(wikipedia) racial slurs, vietnamese, chinese american, hapa, american-born chinese

I found the terms "bamboo pole", "banana", "twinkie", but I don't know if these words would come from Vietnamese women or if these are more Chinese on Chinese racist terms. Or if they would defer to her because she's a doctor and not give her trouble at all.

Please don't speculate in your answer. If you don't know, say so. Thanks in advance!

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