Dove (dropsofviolet) wrote in little_details,

plumbing problem: broken pipes

The story is set in modern day New Jersey, not that I believe it really matters. My characters have just had a pipe break in their apartment, causing a flood. The problem is, though I like the idea, I know nothing about broken pipes and Googling phrases like "broke pipes," "busted pipes," etc. is mostly providing me with links to an article about how a sewage pipe broke in New York, and weblogs where people say, "My pipe has busted" and nothing else except that they owe the plumber a lot of money.

What I need is some sort of first-hand info about 1. how you can tell that your pipes have broken, 2. how fast it would make a huge mess, and 3. could it be the pipes in your shower rather than your basement? Most of the people who complain seem to have their basements flooded out, but this is an apartment.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
Tags: ~home renovation

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