Gem (arian) wrote in little_details,

International LiveJournal usage

This is a somewhat random question I know, and it's not the sort of thing that usually comes up here, but I don't know where else to ask. There seem to be a lot of knowledgable people here, so hopefully one of you will be able to help me out or point me in another direction.

Is there anywhere I can look that will give me a list of countries that have some part of their population (1 person would be enough) using Livejournal? I don't really need statistics although they might come in handy. Is there some kind of Livejournal information community I could try asking? Is this information even available anywhere or shall I just post a poll and be done with it?
I've tried various google searches and nothing remotely promising has turned up and I've also looked through various LJ related communities. I can't see anything in the LJ FAQS etc either.

Question answered. Thanks.

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