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Celine Kalante

Inbred mythological figure names? Oh my.

This is kind of a strange one, but bear with me....

I have a male character who needs a name. For reasons along the lines of "just trust me on this," I want his first and middle names to reference mythological figures who were the product of brother-sister incest. For this to work, I of course need a list of such mythological figures. Bonus points if their name is slightly less weird than "Sinfjötli", such it could actually work to be named after them. In general, I like my names to be slightly more interesting than "Bob," but nothing you'd have to bifurcate your tongue to pronounce. "Fitela" (the Anglo-Saxon version of Sinfjötli, according to Wikipedia,) flirts with edge of the too-exotic side, but it could work. Maybe as the middle name or something. We'll see, though--it depends on if there are any other good names out there!

I exhausted the mythological reference section on Wikipedia's article on incest, and unless I was really unobservant, Googling "incest in mythology" didn't seem to bring up anything that Wikipedia didn't already have. After combining what I found with what I happened to already know, I have Sinfjötli/Fitela, Mordred, Ares, and Horus. Of these, "Mordred Fitela" is probably the best first/middle name combination I can come up with so far. Any help is much appreciated! And...uh...sorry for the weirdness.
Tags: ~names, ~religion & mythology (misc)

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