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Vietnam the Marines and the US army.

I googled just about anything, reading as much as I could on Wikipedia, but there's just too much information and I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.

This piece of my story occurs in the early seventies.

1. what is the youngest  a person could have been joined to the marines during the war (assuming his parents gave their permission)?
2. was the United States Army ever reluctant about drafting close family members of war casualties?
3. say a soldier is  highly esteemed, how long will it take him to become a corporal (in wartime) ?
4. If a soldier suffered some sort of emotional or psychological trauma, was he sent home, or was he treated in Vietnam (if at all)?
5. If a soldier was presumed dead but his body never found, would there still be an army burial with an empty coffin?
6. would a young woman have to be trained as a nurse to treat war victims (specifically trauma victims) or did they accept unprofessional volunteers?
7. how do you get about being discharged from the army?
8.Also was it a personal contract you signed to when you enlisted?
9. did you automatically go into reserves once you were discharged?
10. What is the oldest they were willing to enlist ?
11. Where can i find personal stories and impressions of that war?

Edited a little
Tags: usa: military: historical, vietnam: history

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