Joan M. (joannie_m) wrote in little_details,
Joan M.

Completely unrelated...

1. When did the ideas of the Rennaissance - particularly secularism and a worldview based on logic - reach rural Russia? And is anyone credited with introducting them?

2. Was there in rural Russian myth and folklore, at any time before the arrival of said ideas, the concept of a "mystical warder"? One who protected the poeople from the forces of night/the Devil? Winter nights in rural Russia being pretty damn scary things...

3. Do angels in Biblical myth actually have feathered wings?

Unrelated A:

Is there a culture who reveres ancestral mothers rather than fathers?

Unrelated B:

Claymores. In early 19th century Scotland. Who the hell actually had a claymore in 19th century Scotland?

Thanks in advance!
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