hosanna (smurfb1ue) wrote in little_details,

Gun shot wounds and bleeding out

I have a character who gets shot while on the run from the government.  I'm thinking stomach, because I need her to bleed out in a major way without having her die.  Since the government's not feeling too friendly towards her, she'll have to be able to get medical attention Underground.  I have a surgeon, but not anything resembling a sterile operating room.  So:
Where could she be shot without dying or having to suspend the readers belief too much?
How would she get sewn up?
Would they leave the bullet or try to take it out?

A little background information: it's set fifteen to twenty years in the future, in Poland if that's relevant.  I'm imagining the gun to be a Walther P99, which is a 9mm, fired at probably three or four metres.

Thanks so much for all the information.

edit: I did google and wiki it, but only found some pictures and medical journals.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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