Mithfeniel (legal_padawan) wrote in little_details,

Health Question

Just a quick question. I have a character (in an RPG) who is going to have to face something that's going to leave her pretty emotionally beat up and withdrawn from the world. The plan is to have her hermit herself away in her room, no eating or drinking, pretty much be doing little but sleep for two to three days, depending when her best friend decides to intervene and drag her out of hiding.

My question is this: how will the not eating and not drinking affect her health? How dehydrated would she be? Would she suffer any malnourishment? Physically, she's a small woman, about 5'4", and is in almost peak physical condition. She's athletic and strong (even before her "abilities" are taken into account).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Thank you to everyone who answered and gave input. It'll help me a lot in acting out the next few days with my character. *S*
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