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The body's reaction to injury

I'm writing a short piece that involves me comparing the aftermath of what somebody has said to the body's reaction to an injury of some kind. I'm thinking a very heavy blow to the stomach/chest area.

I've tried wiki and google for shock/nervous shock and "the body's reaction to injury" "the body's immediate reaction to injury" "the body's immediate response to a blow in the stomach" and I also stuck chest in last query too.

I have no medical background at all, and really have no idea what to search for.
Any pointers in the right direction or resources of how the body reacts to these things would be useful.

I've been hit in the stomach before, and I can recall the actual feelings that come with it but I'm more interested in the actual processes the body goes through internally to make the write up more interesting/valid. Anybody elses experiences with blows of this kind could also be useful.

Obviously time/setting aren't important because all body's have always reacted the same.

Thank you.

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