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Hey, I'm back! And now I need a mental illness...

Modern North America, no poisoned arrows involved (because I am working on more than one thing at once).

So, I'm trying to find a mental illness where the victim would have the delusion that they can make terrible things happen, kind of like a superpower from hell. I looked up megalomania and narcissism, since they both involve pathological self-absorption and a false sense of one's abilities, and thinking that you are all-powerful in a bad way seemed like it could be the flip side of either of them. But alas, no dice. I looked up paranoia to see if this could be related, but the definitions of that disorder didn't help, either. So, once again, I turn to you.

Is there some kind of negative narcissism-like disorder, where, instead of having an exaggerated sense of one's self-worth, one has an exaggerated sense of one's worthlessness? Where instead of thinking everything they touch turns to gold, they're convinced they are dangerous, that anything they come near turns to ashes? If so, what would it be called? Or the closest thing? I don't need an exact match, just--again--something plausible. My universes are pretty plastic. ::g::

Again, thank you all very much in advance.
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