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Rape memories, amnesia-causing drugs, and abandoned babies. More news at 11.

Yay, baby's first post! This community is a lifesaver. :D

Here's the deal. A character in one of my stories has been raped, but she has blocked it out and therefore doesn't remember it happened. I was curious as to whether or not a person who has shut out all memories of a traumatic experience could or would still experience flashbacks, nightmares, or other symptoms of RTS/PTS. I've done research on Rape Trauma Syndrome, Post Traumatic Stress, brain functions, and memory loss. I've Googled "blocking out a traumatic experience + rape" and various synonyms. I've also visited several online resources dealing with rape and rape survivors. I've come up with very little information concerning my specific problem, but have found some that sort of borders around what I need to know, and from that I've drawn a few sketchy outlines of likely scenarios. I'd still like to double check, though: it is indeed possible -- perhaps probable, even -- for such a thing to happen, right? Or is my "read-between-the-lines-o-meter" off here?

Oh, and my story takes place in a world that is a bizarre fusion of sci-fi, high fantasy, and steampunk, and there will be drugs* administered to her by the rapist, so I can probably handwave a little and include them as medicinal side effects or something that equally reeks of deus ex machina.

Question number two: If a healthy infant of average weight were abandoned and left to die -- say, in a dumpster, as it's the first example that came to mind -- sometime within the first week of its birth, how long could that child conceivably survive? I need a baby to be found in critical condition, but I don't really know when the last possible realistic moment would be for it to be found and still survive. Takes place in the same universe as question number one. Googling "abandoned infants" and various synonyms turns up virtually nothing but disturbing news articles, and Wikipedia just has statistics on infant mortality rates.

*on a tangentially related topic, is there any such known substance (toxin, herb, whatever) that can cause amnesia? I was thinking there was one, but now I can't remember if there was or not. At least, one that doesn't also cause eventual death, as she has no pills to cure the death. Any input or reference suggestions would be fantastic.

Tags: ~medicine: starvation/malnourishment, ~sexual abuse & assault

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