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Getting shot in the upper chest in the snow...

After searching through the community and online (mostly google) I could not find the answer I was looking for so I'm wondering if anyone out here can help me.

The setting of my story is in a rural country town in a large country home in the New England states of the US in present day. A female character left alone while her husband is away on business comes across an unconscious and wounded man lying in the snow. He has evidently been shot and hit in the head with something (presumably the gun) and has been lying in the snow for a few hours.

He's been shot in the upper chest, above his left breast and beneath his shoulder. The bullet hasn't gone all the way through but is merely lodged in his flesh. My question here is:

How would one care for this type of wound with say, a good quality and well-stocked first aid kit? Would the coldness of the snow be helpful in preventing swelling and the staunch of blood flow?

The woman is unable to call for help because her husband has cut off all ties to the general outside world as he is involved with a government agency that necessitates that he (and his wife) don't technically "exist."

Assuming that her husband has left her all the supplies necessary to sustain life in case of an emergency, how would she go about caring for the man's gunshot wound?

I've tried googling it with search queries of 'how to care for gunshot wounds," "gunshot wound care," and various other synonyms.

Any suggestions or ideas would be wonderful! Thanks!

Edit: I also forgot to ask this question: as he's been hit in the head, it's possible that he could have a concussion....but would it also be possible that he has some mild case of amnesia?
Tags: ~medicine: hypothermia, ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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