Christine D. (snowflakie06) wrote in little_details,
Christine D.

Small Newspaper Writer Reviewing a Book

I'm trying to write a story for MayNoWriMo and have ideas for a story but there's one thing that is keeping me from progressing.

The main character (Brooke) is an employee at a small local newspaper* and her latest assignment is to write a book review. The book was written by a guy who grew up in the town (Russell) and she wants to contact him to set up an interview. Would the advanced reader copy have any sort of contact information for Russell, like a phone number for Brooke to call? And if so, would she be contacting Russell directly or would she be contacting his agent? Also, how willing would the agent be to allow an interview between Russell and Brooke? Would he/she have to be there?

Thanks in advance!

*Would Harrington Press be an okay name for such a newspaper?

ETA: This is taking place in the US, probably this year.
Tags: usa (misc), ~journalism

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