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ER procedures gunshot wound

Setting: slightly futuristic (about 15 years from now) in the EU, most likely England, but everything helps.

Searches done: googled different combinations of "emergency room questions asked", "UK emergency room procedures" and "foreign patients ER", read the wiki article and searched the community for earlier posts.


1) A 20 year old boy arrives at the ER with a four days old gunshot wound to his leg. It is infected, and he's got a high fever. Because he is on drugs (oral administration of heroin to help with the pain) he is pretty "out there" and can't communicate. What would the prioritation of the damage be? Would he get help fast, or have to wait long?

2) How long before they can operate on him? A part of the tibia is chipped off by the bullet, and there is muscle damage, but he was lucky enough not to have any major veins or arteries torn, nor serious damage to the ligament.

2) He is a foreigner. What problems would this give him at arrival? He's got health insurance, but has no identification on him. His face has been on the front of the newspapers the last few days. Would that be enough to give him treatment?

3) His sister is with him. Since he is in no state to answer for himself, I assume she will be asked about his helth by the triage nurse. What kinds of questions should she expect?
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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