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help with prison details

Hey guys ! I need someone to help me with a fanfiction. it's a prison fic, although we don't see anything about prison life. I'm writing it from an outsider's POV, who's having sessions with a character to make his profile, and I need someone to help me with the prison protocol.

Here are some questions :

what would it take for a shrink/profiler to get to talk on a weekly basis with a con ? Who would give them the authorisation ?

when, as a consultant or something, opposed to a visitor ( meaning, the profiler would meet the convicted in a room alone, rather than the usual family meeting room... ), you enter the building, what would the procedure be ? How do you get the pass ? who walks you around ? Who do you meet to get through the doors to the room ?

Thank you for your help =)

ETA : sorry for the lack of information... The scene would take place in Iowa, USA, current time. ( I chose Iowa because there is no death penalty there, and the charges against the character would have granted him that death penalty. Think mass murderer, only worse. )

I have another question : what would a con's ID number look like ? As in, how many numbers/letters would it contain ?
Tags: usa: government: prison, ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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