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Therian Greetings

Hey there!

I'm working on a novel about a therianthropy wolf pack, and have run into a bit of a tight spot. I want to keep the characters as true-to-life as possible, and, not knowing anyone in real life who identifies as a therian, I'm turning to you lot for help, since you've been fantastic in the past.

The situation is that the main character has some therian bumper stickers on his car ("shift happens" and "don't moon me, I bite"), and someone he met in a club compliments him on them. He's curious if they understand what the slogans mean, and I'm not sure if he'd just out and out ask, or attempt to be more sly, since the therian culture is often met with controversy.

I know in the GLBT community there are certain codes for deciphering if the person you're talking to is GLBT themselves or GLBT friendly. In the Wiccan community many Wiccans greet one another on mailing lists and such with the phrase "blessed be," and the hellenismos community uses "khairate."

My question is-- are there subculture-approved greetings among therians? Or does it depend on phenotype? I'm also curious if there are ways for therians to scope out other people and see if they're also therians/otherkin (like the friend of dorothy thing or hankies in the GLBT culture).

I've tried googling therian greetings, therianthropy greetings, and trolling the open-viewing forums, but so far no-good. I also tried to join the therianthropy group on LJ, but am still awaiting approval. ^^;;

Any help, on either search terms or answers would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: The group that I am waiting for approval on is therianthropy, so unfortunately I'll have to wait until I get okay-ed on there before I can ask them. It's been a little under a week, so approval should be soon, I hope. ^^


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