Randi Stevenson (randiradio) wrote in little_details,
Randi Stevenson

Being born blind, and Canadian minor emancipation

Wow, what an awesome community. I hope there's help for me.

1. I have a character who is supposed to have been totally blind his entire life, but I can't find out any plausible reasons for being born blind that would work. I've found plenty of causes for a young baby losing his eyesight, even just an hour after birth, and plenty of cases of being born partially blind, but that's not what I want, I think it would be best if this character has never seen a thing in his life. I have found cases of babies whose optic nerves did not develop, but those kids also have developmental disabilities. I know it's possible to be born totally blind and not have other disabilities; just the other day there was a newspaper article about a young man like that, but it didn't say what the reason for his blindness was. Can anyone give me a plausible defect that would result in a baby being born totally blind, but not have other disabilities?

2. My comic is set in Canada, and this same character is supposed to be 17 and having lived on his own since he was 15. Except I'm getting nervous about the plausibility of this because my research is not coming up with any evidence of minor emancipation laws in Canada. I've never known anyone personally who has done it, but I find it really hard to believe that it's impossible for a minor to be allowed to live on his own in Canada. I already tried the government's justice website and came up empty. Is it maybe called something else besides "emancipation"? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I don't really care about my comic being super-realistic (heck, there's an alien in it!!!), but I do want it to appear plausible and believable. Any help is much appreciated, thanks.
Tags: canada (misc), ~medicine: illnesses to order

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