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"Ki'in Spirits" ?

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I have a kids' book called "Favorite Scary Stories," and in it is a story called "The Ki'in Spirits," about a set of spirits that, during the day, hide in dark places, and at night come out in stolen bodies and hunt frogs, which they eat. I'm trying to find more information about this legend. The book says "this is a favorite story among the K'mu refugees of Cambodia," but I've not heard of it anywhere outside said book, and Dr. Internets isn't yieilding me any kind of further info.

What I've Googled/Wiki'd/etc'd: cambodia ki'in spirits, cambodia spirits reeds frogs, spirits live in reeds eat frogs, live in reeds eat frogs, ki'in live in reeds eat frogs, ki'in eat frogs, kiin eat frogs, the ki'in spirits, "the ki'in spirits"

Any kind of info you guys could give me on the subject I'd appreciate.
Tags: ~religion & mythology (misc)
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