That one girl, you know, who does that thing (kahteh) wrote in little_details,
That one girl, you know, who does that thing

Slow-ish death from a gunshot wound to the throat

When: Roughly equivalent to the late 18th or early 19th century (only really relevant because of the type of gun!)

Where: Not relevant.

Searches tried: "shot in the neck" + injuries, "shot in the throat" + injuries, "gunshow wound to the throat" + injuries, also all of the above with "death" and "death duration" instead of "injuries". (I'm probably not using the right keywords, since this is a kind of specific question!)

I have a character who is shot in the throat at pretty short range (~2 metres away at most), with a flintlock pistol. From my googling, it seems that this kind of shot would usually hit the spinal cord- however, I need to keep the guy alive (or at least dying) for a few seconds. Is this going to be plausible? Or should I have him get shot somewhere else instead?


EDIT: Aaaaaand I think I'm answered already. Thanks sollersuk!
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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