Blank (therosewilde) wrote in little_details,

Modern Day England: Simple jobs

No offence is meant by the wording of this - i'm not sure what the correct phrasing would be.

I'm looking for jobs that could be done by people of low education, not necessarily low intelligence but "troubled" - some of them are rather child-like in their understanding of things. I know the pay wouldn't be great, it's meant to be a small amount of income as opposed to a living wage.

It would have to be something that could be done in the place, rather than travelling out, however I can adapt the place (for example, if it would need computers, or phones, that's fine).

The world has legal slavery - both in terms of people working on farms or in houses, and "personal" slaves who was used for sex. Many of them are treated rather badly, and so don't function in the same way as non-slaves would - they are pretty institutionalised.

Occasionally slaves are freed - the story centres around a halfway house that takes in the more troubled former slaves, ones who wouldn't cope on their own, and tries to rehabilitate them, teach them how to deal with the world outside of their master's door.

This involves a lot of one on one therapy work, practical classes, and giving them jobs so that they can start to understand the concept of supporting themselves. So i'm looking for something that can be done, possibly with supervision, at one of these centres.

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