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Distant stars of the Milky Way Galaxy

Setting: The Milky Way Galaxy

All the known forms of intelligent life in my story have developed warp travel, which is why they know of one another in the first place. So they don't all come from the good ol' Orion arm of the Galaxy like we do. I need to find the names of the stars they do come from.

Have we mapped the stars in the rest of the Galaxy? Do they have names? Where can I find a Galactic map with the names of stars on it, or, failing that, where can I find the names and approximate locations of some stars from the far reaches of our Galaxy?

Or, how can I tell where a star is in relation to other stars, instead of where it is in the night sky of Earth?

I've Googled various phrasings of "milky way galaxy map" but I've only found diagrams of the whole thing or maps of the immediate Solar neighborhood.
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