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Long-term effects/damage--hand maiming: Present Day U.S.A.

I've posed this question at fanfic_med ( )and tried googling 'Impalement injuries hand'. Still waiting for an answer from the yahoo group, and google gave directed me to an article on how to prevent said injury and a few scientific abstracts which I don't have the medical knowledge to translate into plain English. (Also some disturbing photos of torso impalements that made me ill...) Anyhoo...

I'm (still) writing a Batman fanfic. Here's my scenario:

Roughly a year and a half before the action takes place, one of my characters got his hands pinned to a wall by batarangs. His hands were roughly at chest height, and in each case, the batarang impaled the hand, and embedded in the wall. (Character was resting one hand against the wall when the first 'rang was thrown. The shock/tug had him slap his other hand to the wall for support and that was when the second 'rang got him... I'm picturing the 'rang as having been about 3" high at the centre by 6" wide, but I have not specified this anywhere in the fic and can be flexible if need be.

At this stage, (18 months after the injuries) how much use of his hands would this character have? I never stated whether the 'rangs went into the palms of the hands dead-centre or a bit to one side, so I have that much leeway.

He would have received prompt medical attention (ambulance at the scene and hospital within 30 to 45 minutes) at the time of injury.

Prior to the injury, the character was a surgeon. Is it accurate to say that he'd be highly unlikely to regain sufficient dexterity to practise his profession again?


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