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horses in Scandinavia, Very Cold Ponies

The Swedish warmblood is a pretty horse, and is far closer to the appearance of, say, the Arabian or the Mustang than the Finnhorse and the Norwegian Fjord horse are. The Finnhorse, however, can totally take it up in Sápmi (Sapmi, Sameland, Saamiland, Lapland). I don't know whether the Swedish warm blood can, but it would be really awesome if it could.

The Swedish warm blood can evidently endure in warmer areas of Scandinavia, but this is a setting where the poor thing would be used as a means of transportation - that is, people riding on it - so it doesn't get the luxury of a wonderfully heated indoor home (and besides, I don't imagine a horse would want to stay inside like that). This is, say, 1850-1900, ish, and the horses would be doing a great deal of work. Think a cowboy's horse, but in snow (and can you imagine the furry cowboy hats?). The horses you'd more often see in colder climates (rather than, say, the Arabian desert) are more like the Mongolian and the Icelandic, but here I'm looking for the specific aesthetic of the more Arabian-style conformation. I also learned that the Sami people, apparently, used reindeer for transportation, though I haven't looked into that yet. It appears to be the most viable alternative. That or dogsledding, but I'm a Canadian and think this is a perfectly acceptable alternative of getting through the snow, when one is lacking in snowmobiles. I also read mention of horses being used in Norrland, but Norrland is a pretty broad area, and I can't get much detail on the matter, so I'm still questioning.

So my question, in a round about sort of way, is: could a horse of the Swedish warm blood's conformation survive in the coldest parts of Scandinavia? A friend suggested that with proper breeding the horse could grow a far thicker coat, and thus survive, but I'm not sure if simply the shape of the horse would put it at a major disadvantage.

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Help is appreciated, thank you~
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