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Children at the scene, investigation length, etc.

I hope this is a somewhat answerable question. It involves a shoot-out, so cue the excitement!

The scene is in the basement of a wealthy (and corrupt) man's manor, present day. There's approximately eight people dead (one in decent-sized a cage), two (one critically so) wounded, and one who has fled the scene alive and calls the cops, but certainly wasn't going to be caught with his hand on one of the three guns used. A three or four appear to have dropped dead for no apparent reason (vague supernatural element to the story, not exactly relevant to this question), and the rest have been shot. Among all the dead people and general weirdness, there are two mostly-unharmed preteens, thirteen and twelve.

My questions are this:

1. What are the cops going to do with the kids? The story takes place outside Boston, MA; one of the wounded men is able to tell the cops that the children's only living relative is in Fictional Town, WI. There's going to an investigation obviously, but how long do they keep the kids around for it? (If it helps, the twelve-year-old is completely blind.)

2. Both the wounded men live. Exactly how long do they keep them around? Any murdering these two did was purely in self-defense (and there's no one to say otherwise). Character A was falsely accused of kidnapping earlier in the story, and is related to the children. (Cousins.) Character B (ex-cop, if that helps, though he quit over a decade before the story) swears up and down that the charges were indeed false. There's no real evidence of there being any actual kidnapping, just the rich and corrupt man's word. Rich and corrupt man is now dead. All these factors together, how long do you figure it'd be before Character A can return home to Fictional Town, WI? Would he be accused of anything that would actually land him jail time?

I'm sorry if the question is convoluted and weird; it's a vaguely convoluted and weird story. Hopefully I got enough information in there for it to be answerable.
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