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The maximum distance at which sound is audible

I've tried googling "distance + sound + audible," "distance + sound + travel," and a few variations thereof (including words like "volume" and "carry"), but it occurs to me that I'm probably never going to get anything more than formulas I'm not sure how to apply. So...
Let's say there are some people hanging out by a river, and then there's some lightly forested land, and on the other side of that, a field. If the Hatfields down by the water start screaming in terror, how far away can Mr. McCoy's field be for him to just barely hear them? (Say he has average, healthy ear-parts.)

I have kind of a guess, based on living in a valley when I was in high school. You could hear someone screaming on one side of the valley from the other, just barely, but it was almost entirely open pasture. I think the valley was about half of a mile, perhaps a little wider, but I'm not sure.

Guesses? As long as it's not wildly incorrect, I figure it'll pass. Thanks!
Tags: ~science (misc)
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