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Tooth fairy traditions - Germany and Japan

Setting: This takes place in the present day, but the child in question was born in 1980 and is nine years old. He skipped into the future several years, but all his knowledge would come from the 1980s. However, his friend is from Japan, born in 1988 but also skipped several years into the future.

I've Googled "tooth fairy traditions" for Germany, Japan and "international" and also "tooth traditons Germany". In Japan, apparently it is traditional to throw a lower tooth onto the roof, and an upper tooth into the floor. Is this still in practice?

I haven't seen any mention of Germany in various tooth fairy traditions. I've seen a couple message board replies that seem to suggest they don't do anything special with the teeth there. However in nearby Austria, apparently they have the same tradition of roof/floor as Japan. You can also make the tooth into a pendant or key ring. Does Germany have the same traditions as Austria, or do they just...not have any specific tradition?

Edit: My character is from North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany, and it's been pointed out that people in other parts of Germany might not know/understand the traditions of parts nearer to Austria. So there's that. ^^

Or have/did either of them adopted the Western "money under the pillow" tradition?
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