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Minimum Morphine Overdose for Euthanasia Plausible Self admin?

I Have tried googling "lethal dose of morphine" and "Minimum lethal dose" and "Minimum Morphine Overdose for Euthanasia" to little avail. Or rather to nothing I could understand what the hell they were saying, most of the googled pages popped up weird symbols and way varying numbers. (I also looked through the tags here and it appears under none of the tags I'd expect it to be under.)

I have a character who is six two (roughly) and at the time of the euthanasia has been wasting away from a cancer (so extremely low body weight for one his height). He has chronic pain and is feeling like he's losing his mind to some degree. He feels his suffering is being a burden on his loved ones, and so he wants to leave before he gets too bad. He is close friends with his doctor and doesn't want her to get in trouble so he is looking for a device to do it fairly quickly and such that it looks like he could have done it to himself as a sort of self administered accident. Oh yes and it is a modern time so the references I found to late 19th early 20th cen. availibility of morphine is not helpful. I don't need a specific dosage answer I'm realizing.

I guess the question I'm looking for answers to is, Is it plausible that a patient would be given a prescription for morphine that he could abuse to a lethal level? And would it be plausible for that patient to OD accidentally without any serious concerns/questions being voiced on his doctor, nurses or housemates?

Thanks in advance.

ETA: It Is set in America (I'm pretty sure. I highly doubt that's going to change) in really close to darn near today. (or within the last or next year or so) The Patient is in his private home. His doctor makes house calls and he Does NOT have a nurse in the house administering to him. He is fairly wealthy, and is not paying for this with insurance.
Tags: usa: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: drugs, ~medicine: overdose, ~suicide

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