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Seizures caused by flames + behavior of flames

Hi, everyone! I googled for an answer to this question and checked on Wikipedia; I've searched on Wikipedia for "epilepsy" and "seizures" and read the corresponding articles, and I've searched on Google for "flame cause seizure photosensitive -"search and seizure"", "flame seizure", "flame cause seizure", and I haven't had any luck.

I know it's a weird question, hence why I wasn't expecting any answers, but can a flame—from a candle, for example—cause a seizure in a photosensitive person? I know that I've looked at a candle burning, and sometimes it tends to jump up and flicker really rapidly, and the flashing light can hurt my eyes because it's blinking so fast. Doubly so if it's in a dark room, 'cause the shadows are more accented and the flashing is more noticeable.

How strong does the flashing have to be for a photosensitive epileptic to have a seizure? Does it vary from person to person? Would this situation even be possible? I figured that, well, if an episode of Pokemon can cause seizures in hundreds of children, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for a flame to do so, correct...?

Also, while we're on the topic, would anyone happen to know what's causing that flame to flicker so rapidly? There seems to be no connection to wind or the air movement in the room, as the flame can do this when the room is perfectly still. Is there something in the wick that can cause a flame to act in that way?

Thanks in advance for any and all answers!

ETA: Thanks for the feedback! While I can now figure out on my own whether the first is plausible (which it most likely is), personal anecdotes are always welcome :) And I found the answer to the second one here. Thanks for the help!
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