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London 1975 Band: Equipment, Drums, and Venues

Hi everyone,
I have a few more of my specific London-1975 questions that I'm not sure how to research on the web. They're about bands, music venues, and music equipment. I'm putting them in a cut for length.

I'm writing about a punk band. They have very little money, but they need music equipment. I'm a bit of a musician myself, and I have a mixing board, an amp, two monitors, and mics. The monitors plug into the amp; the mics plug into the mixing board.  Other bands I've been in have speakers instead of monitors, however, and seem to have the amp and mixing board combined into one. So I'm just wondering, what's the sort of minimal gear a band in 1975 might have?

About how much would a used but decent drum kit cost, in 1975, in London?

This band is beginning to play concerts at different places around London. I'm feeling a bit ignorant about this because I've never been in a punk band playing gigs around London, and I'm wondering about some basic things:
     1. Where would the main money from gigs come--for a band starting out, would they be paid, or would all their income come from the tickets sold?
     2. What kind of venues would a beginning band play? (Nightclubs, clubs, pubs, bars, etc.)
     3. When did/do alcohol-serving places like those mentioned above open, and when did they usually close up?
     4. How much equipment would a venue typically have?  Different venues would obviously be very different; any info at all would be appreciated.
     5. This is a really specific and yet very basic, weird little question: I want to write realistically about the whole process of the band arriving at the venue, setting up their equipment, and soundchecking.  Now, in the sort of places a beginning band would play, would there actually be people waiting outside to be let in at show time, being kept out while the band did the above (set-up and soundcheck)?  Or would it be a sort of pub where there would be people already there, drinking and talking, and the band would just sort of appear at one point, play while people drank, talked, danced, etc., and then leave?

Thanks everyone!

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