sex hamster (nutmeg4077) wrote in little_details,
sex hamster

famous housekeepers of the 1950s?

I realize this is an incredibly bizarre question, but does anyone know any famous figures from the late 50s (57, to be exact) who were the perfect picture of domesticity? For example, now, if someone keeps a spotless house, bakes, sews, etc., someone might say "You're a regular Martha Stewart!" I need a character to say something similar, only obviously Martha Stewart wasn't around then so that doesn't work.

Googling brought up...NOTHING that was helpful, and I've been sifting through pages for the past ten minutes. Like I said, I know this is really obscure, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

ETA: Sorry for not specifying American figures. I originally intended to. At any rate, you've all been more help than I could hope for! :D thanks so much!

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