thule_ (thule_) wrote in little_details,

Seeking refuge in another country.

Three members of a pretty famous band has just ran away from the manager/guard and tries to seek asylum in the country they have been touring in.

Right now, they are sitting in an apartment where they know they are safe, they have a telephone, internet, a tv and enough food to last a couple of weeks.

How do they go about contacting someone to seek asylum? They can prove that they will be arrested if they return to their own country. Two of them are prosecuted because their religion + political involvement, the last just because political involvement. They can prove being mistreated by their government (beatings, rape + +) (video clips).

Now, who do they contact? Will their proofs be enough?

The country is known to use torture, illegal imprisonments, death penalty for people involved in politics against them or giving other countries clips from riots that happened a few years back that one of them have already given the country they are in, but since they are public persons and above eighteen, will it become more difficult or not? Who can they contact? How should they contact them?

I tried to google it, but it's hard to find anything useful...
can you guys help?
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