Because you're funny and kind. (flynd) wrote in little_details,
Because you're funny and kind.

Cigars! cliches, types, and the style of it all

* Are there any types of cigars (brands, types, country of origin) that are considered to be a literary cliche?

* Is there a "blunt" type of cigar, or does that only refer to marijuana?

* Cuban cigars are illegal in the US. Is this a common fact in other areas of the world?

And ... please help me find a type of cigar that is relatively androgynous (ie. neither 'girly' nor over-masculine: no penis symbolism!). Ideally, it would be fairly thin and long, tapered slightly, and easy on the eyes. It would be a rich looking cigar, with that feeling of I'm-so-elegant-and-I-don't-even-try.

I've googled "types of cigars", but I think I need first-hand experience from an affecciendo. This is more about style and class, you know. (My character rules a county with a heavy hand, but he tries to seem ... kind).

Thank you all so, so much! Your information is exactly what I needed. Three cheers!

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