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Fire Alarms: Effect and Response; Citizenship: Germany, US and Japan; Snow: First Impressions

Google gives technical stuff.
Character A is in a Generic Office Building. Character B attacks her. Because A doesn't want bystanders injured in their fight, she pulls the fire alarm with the intention of clearing the building and having the fight in relative peace. (My aim is to get them out of the building before the firefighters arrive.) Said building is neither very tall or very full of people, so I would imagine it would empty rather quickly. Here are my questions:

1. When the alarm is pulled, do the sprinklers automatically activate, even if there's no heat because there's no fire?

2. How long would it take the fire department to get there if their only warning was a pulled alarm? (Because there wasn't really a fire, no one called 911.) Would they come at all?

3. This is more hypothetical but do you think fire-based superpowers would set off the sprinklers if the alarm hadn't? (Citations of this happening in books/movies would be great.)

4. What would be the procedure for the fire department, when, upon arriving they see no fire? Would they assume there is a fire but that it hasn't become visible? Would they assume it was a prank?

Character C was born in Germany on a US air base. She canonically holds a dual citizenship. She moved to Japan as a teenager and decided to stay. I am making her a permanent resident as opposed to a naturalized citizen, which allows her to keep her American and German citizenships. If she has a daughter with a Japanese man, in Japan, and doesn't marry him, what citizenships does her daughter hold/become eligible for? Are there any ramifications due to the fact that the parents weren't married?
ETA: Current information is usable but the real world and this world diverged in 2000, so I guess you could say the laws from 2000 apply and were not changed, or they can be slightly fudged.

Character D, 14, has never seen snow. What would her impressions/ideas about it be before she saw it and after/during her first experience with it? All her friends have never seen snow either.
ETA: Because some asked: She hasn't seen snow because it hasn't snowed in more than 30 years in the alternate future D lives in.

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