The Foxhole Atheist (thirtysilver) wrote in little_details,
The Foxhole Atheist

Missing Fingers and Complications in Swordwielding

My story is set on Earth during an indeterminate historical period. My main character will use two swords at different times: the first will be a basket-hilted weapon like a mortuary sword. The second will resemble a bronze age longsword except that it will be made of steel and will have a straight crossbar.
My main character only has four fingers on each hand. That is, he has no pinkies. This condition is congenital. Would this adversely effect his swordsmanship? Would he need swords custom made for him? His hands are of average size.

It is relatively easy to find materials online about how to hold a sword, but I haven't been able to find any information addressing this question. Of course, I tried Google and Wikipedia.
Tags: ~sports (misc), ~weapons: swords

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