hamburger deern (ninamalfoy) wrote in little_details,
hamburger deern

Underwear in mid/late 1800ies in the US

I'm currently writing fanfiction about the Karl May books and stumbled over something which is rather, er, essential to my story: what kind of underwear would an Indian - a Comanche - wear, and what kind would be best suited for a trapper?

Indians would probably go for loincloths, and as far as I know, these would be worn together with leggings - is that right?

And as for the trapper, according to the book he's decked out in leather clothing which are open at the (naked) chest which gets admired - would he go commando or not? He's often around in the Wild West for months at a time, so...

I'd really appreciate any help on this issue! *smiles*
Tags: ~clothing, ~native americans

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