That Girl With All the Cats (an_kayoh) wrote in little_details,
That Girl With All the Cats

Stud Farms

Setting: Modern day, United States, in the Midwest or Southwest

I'm interested in learning two things about stud farms:

1) How many stallions would a stud farm be expected to have? I'm thinking a farm that starts out with two main owners, and maybe three helpers. In my searches, I haven't been able to tell the exact size of the staff at any of the places I've looked at. I'm looking specifically at Appaloosas and American Quarter Horses.

Searches: "stud farms," "appaloosa stud farms," and "american quarter horse stud farms" on Google and Wikipedia. Read through the horse tag on this community.

2) Would it be highly unusual for a stud farm to be breeding more than one breed of horse? Again, all of the places I've looked at seem to specialize, so I'm wondering as to how out of place that would seem.
Tags: ~animals: horses

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